About the Loomer

David Jay Loomstein was born June 7, 1964 in St. Louis, Missouri, a third generation American in a family of Eastern European descent. As a child, David was an avid baseball fan and a snack food junkie, succumbing to the traditional capitalist paradigm of self-medication and spectator sports. A voracious reader and expressionistic dancer, David’s love of culture and arts was temporarily over-shadowed by his desire to be a nice, Jewish doctor. He won the St. Louis science fair as a high school senior, then nearly flunked out of Duke University as a pre-med freshman, somehow managing to maintain a mediocre B- grade point average before his mentor, David L. Paletz, introduced him to the study of Politics and the Media. Thus a writer and media analyst was born.

After logging many hours as writer, columnist, and entertainment editor for Duke’s Chronicle, and absorbing the formative teachings of Marx scholar Frederick Jameson, David went onto the USC Annenberg School of Communications where he was nearly denied his Masters degree for arguing the intangible superiority of vinyl versus the technical wizardry of the compact disk. More than 3000 compact disks later, he still believes vinyl is magic. Despite establishment oppression, David picked up his M.A. in Communications Management and brandished it as a torch to light his way into the Hollywood entertainment industry, where he worked for several years with marginal distinction before being sucked into the meat grinder of the Walt Disney Company.

Immensely enjoying his exposure to the production process of the last great cel animation films – Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King – David was also exposed to some of the most unkind and unprofessional behavior he has ever witnessed in a business setting. Jettisoned by the Mouse, he set upon a long and arduous path of writing editorial columns, restaurant reviews, letters to the editor, screenplays, teleplays, marketing copy and technical publications before being plucked from obscurity by the wonderful and marvelous Symantec Corporation.

David spent the next ten years at Symantec, first as a technical writer, then manager of multimedia and interface development. He spent eight years as product manager and senior strategist for the company’s Norton products for Macintosh, and Windows, then ultimately the company’s international content creation group, Symantec Security Response. During his decade at Symantec David began to DJ for parties and clubs, and in Phoenix, AZ in 1997 he wrote the first of 500 and counting columns originally and still known as The Morning Brief.

Today, David lives in Santa Monica, California with his imaginary dog Sparky and the vast majority of his friends no more than a cel call or e-mail away. He continues to work on The Morning Brief in its weekly written and (coming soon) audio formats, in addition to expanding the web-site to become an international socio-cultural network and cool music hub. David has DJed at Coachella, Burning Man, Fais Do-Do, The Edison, The Mayan, The Knitting Factory, and countless homes, bars, rooftops, pubs and cool little clubs in and around L.A.

David is a professional BBQ Buffalo chicken wing chef, an accomplished rollerbladist, and is an impassioned strategic consultant to various political, educational, arts and entertainment concerns. A surrealist idealist, David believes that the human experiment can work if we take our collective future a little more seriously, and the past a little less seriously. David respects the rights of gays and yet remains heterosexual to the core. His favorite color is green.

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