Dropping Shoes

On November 2, 2016, in Past Morning Briefs, by David

donald-trump-converse_xazvwkWell, it took four days and the proverbial shoe dropped. Not exactly the other shoe, because it’s as if shoes have been whizzing past our heads for nearly a year now.

Someone in a position of authority who could do something, anything to influence the election did exactly that, and a contest that was on the path to a clear and healthy conclusion looks like it’s headed to a dangerous photo finish.

Thanks, James Comey, 6’8” Director of the FBI. You’ve managed to tap into America’s ADHD-addled media cycle with earth-shattering non-news a mere eleven days before we put Democracy at risk by possibly electing Donald Trump – the choice of neo-Nazis, the KKK, the Russian Mob and Haters Everywhere – President of the U.S..

Comey’s letter to Congress had everything, and nothing, to throw the whole ball of wax into a vat of molten lava: a vague accusation with zero substance; a reference to a completed investigation that uncovered no criminal activity or intent but has been used as a political albatross; a connection to the ugly, sexually deviant actions of the soon to be ex-spouse of one of Hillary Clinton’s closest advisors, and the insinuation of corruption that continues to feed the false equivalency keeping a sociopath with BPD on the precipice of the most powerful elected office in the world.

And here is where America takes the final test: are we really so horrible at politics that we would follow through with the insanity of putting him in office? Or are we merely lousy enough at it to come close to scaring the free world into thinking we could do something so irresponsible (like intentionally bankrupting our country) but then steering away like a truck driver playing chicken with the cliff-side of a freeway?

I honestly don’t know.

But here’s what I can say for sure: I hope we’re better than that. I hope we don’t make the mistake of all of our lifetimes next Tuesday. I hope we don’t take the folly of electing George W. Bush (twice) and multiply it a thousand-fold by electing Donald J. Trump the Pussy Grabber who won’t show his tax returns, lost every single debate to Hillary and ran a campaign like a Middle Eastern dictator President of the United States. I hope. I hope. I hope.

Meanwhile, how about them Cubs? Best team in baseball this year, erased a 3-1 deficit to force a 7th game of the World Series. Comebacks are fun in professional sports. In World Politics, with our lives and freedoms at stake, not so much.

And so it’s Hillary Clinton or the ugliest four years of our lives. Get out and vote for her, and tell your friends to vote, too. For this country. For the people. For our children.


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