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2014 at last! Now Ed Snowden can be a Hiro, not a traitor. What would have happened if the SnowBlower had simply raised his hand and told the boss that something didn’t seem quite right about all The People’s data illegally going into NSA hands? Do you think they would have given him a pat on the back and said, “You’re Right!! Let’s fix this immediately and quietly based on your recomendations to repair any damages to Human Rights without suffering a major loss in World Credibility?”

Or maybe they would have just tossed him in jail and thrown away the key.

I don’t know. It’s hard to say.

But I for one am glad he had the guts to run away. Corrupt Authority is seldom gracious when facing its own failings. And I believe there was stuff in that million document dump we needed to know about. Call me a surrealist. An Anti-Denial Literal. I want to know these things. Especially when so many of so few scruples would do anything to keep The Truth from us.

Governmental Extraction

Governmental Extraction

Remember The Graduate, when Ben was trying like hell to get to the church and tell Elaine Robinson that he loved her? And the look on everyone’s faces as Ben tried to bust in on the wedding? Angry, rabid, vicious snarling looks of contempt and pure hate? That was what the Establishment threw at Mr. Snowden when he went all James Bond on us. All it would have taken was one person with a jail cell, or one with a gun, to put an end to his expose. Information retrieved.

Freedom is fragile, indeed. Not to mention a concept whose definition varies with the definer.

Has anyone else noticed the relativity of the prefixes Hiro and Fuku? I dare you not to think about it. I’m trying, and it’s not working. One thing someone said about the ongoing calamity at Fukushima has stuck in my craw, and it’s the best reason for us to never build another nuclear power plant ever again. It was: “a nuclear bomb going off in a warehouse full of nuclear bombs.” I never want that to happen. Or even be a remote possibility. Anywhere. There is nowhere to run from The China Syndrome. Not yet, at least.

Yay US!

Yay US!

Just read that Iraq is in the middle of a Civil War, only now al-Qaeda is involved, which it wasn’t before America invaded. I suppose it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The same thing happened in Iran, only it took 35 years of “diplomacy” on America’s part to delay the inevitable. The Obama Administration has done a very good job keeping this recent development off the radar. Ah, The Middle East. Never too far away from telling the rest of the world: FukU.

It’s getting harder and harder to tell what’s real from what’s made up in this world, don’t you think? Is it the media, or the messengers? That’s why I’m trying extra hard to pay attention to the message. If there is one. So often, there isn’t, just more things. Every day I’m finding new reasons why Things are over-rated; moreover, the attachment to them is at the root of so many problems. But I still love a good movie.

Here are my favorites from 2013. It was a very good year for film. Though it was no 2012. List will continue to evolve up until Oscar time.

  1. Gravity
  2. The Way Way Back
  3. Saving Mr. Banks
  4. Lee Daniel’s The Butler
  5. This Is the End
  6. The Wolf of Wall Street
  7. 12 Years a Slave
  8. Ron Burgundy: The Legend Continues

On Deck:

  1. Inside Llewyn Davis
  2. Her
  3. American Hustle
  4. Nebraska
  5. Fruitvale Station

And that’s about it for now.

One more thing: =

Have a great 2014!! More to come…

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