The Good, The Bad, and The Obvious

On November 25, 2013, in Past Morning Briefs, by David


Alright. That’s enough. I can be quiet no longer. Thought I could take some time to duck into the cocoon and figure a few things out but the whole world is falling apart and I refuse to go quietly

It’s been 50 years since the assassination of JFK, an inflection point in America and American politics. The murder. The mystery. The conspiracy. Or not. It began an age of modern wonder. A nation borne of the belief that there is more to life than the selfish desires of the ruling class begins to realize that it’s not so easy to figure out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, who’s really in charge here, and who needs to be protected from whom. I believe this paradox and the breakdown of the efficacy of the 2-Party System are at the heart of our problems today.

Quick: Edward Snowden – Good Guy or Bad Guy? Is it or is it not fairly easy to tell? To me, he’s a Good Guy. A brave and very good guy who took a chance when he’d seen too much go too wrong for his idealistic mind to handle and he did something in a world where virtually no one else would. Especially someone living as a millionaire on Hawaii. The guy gave up something there. Against the blinding desirousness of human nature.

But wait – Obama says he’s a criminal. John Kerry says he’s a traitor. If they’re wrong, is the Conservative Right right? No! I don’t know much, but I know for sure that US conservatives are KILLING us all, slowly and in every way they can from all sides. But they, like our Democratic politicians, believe it’s wrong to undo the secret doings of the US Security Juggernaut. Is it? I DON’T KNOW!!!

I do know this: there are some serious problems in our National Security State, not the least of which is that a “liberal” president is doing some seriously hawkish shit. Pinned between a rock and a hard place, is President Obama the hunter or the hunted? Fox News is so consistently wrong about everything, fascist double-speak being what it has become, perhaps our “Socialist” president is so very Not Socialist that he’s JUST LIKE ONE OF THEM.

No he isn’t!! I hope…

But sometimes, he is, and it’s beginning to look a lot like the Conservative pinscher movement is succeeding with it’s long-term initiative, “40 Years of Backasswardsness.” We’ve made it through the last 13 with precious few winning streaks of smooth sailing. Not that our ever-warm-ing weather isn’t delightful from time to time.

Let’s take a moment to treasure the many wonderful things that have transpired on the international stage since Bush/Cheney cast its dank shadow across a wary cosmos. Miley Cyrus: what a breath of fresh aire!! 2012 was a great year for movies!! Dance music revolution, Baby!! And Manny Pacquiao! Can’t let a little War, Depression and National Security Anxiety keep us down. For long.

But it’s confusing out there…

We didn’t actually bankrupt the country thanks to Ted Cruz, although we came perilously, hilariously close. Can you imagine how interesting it would have been if we had defaulted on the National Credit Card and the Banks of the Rest of the World OWNED our asses and could deliver their terms to us servicing their unpaid debt?

I mean, how merciful have American Banks been to those bankrupted by the Housing Crisis over the past few years (a crisis eclipsing only the Health Care Crisis for Bankruptcies Created since 2008)? Even after getting their asses bailed out by the US Government like they were a victim of a Hurricane. Like the one Republicans chose not to provide emergency assistance for to East Coasters hit by Sandy.

The only reason we might expect International Banks to be kinder to us in the face of a failure to fork over the funds is that nearly EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD is more generous to its own citizens than the United States of America is to ours. Or at least the least wealthy 90% of us. Funding banks before citizens in the face of crisis after crisis. Serving up the lower class to pointless war after unwinnable military action year after year and then sweeping the casualties under the carpet.

And of course, this little brain-byte of the year that would change a lot of minds if more Americans had heard AND understood it: America is the ONLY developed country in the world that doesn’t consider health-care a basic human right. Oh, and let’s cut a few billion dollars out of food stamps with lagging employment and out of control income inequality. The rich of this country aren’t satisfied with simply having all the money. They want to crush the under-class to “teach them a lesson.” I’m here to tell you — we’ve all got a lot to learn.

Look at the way this country competes. From the athletes, from baseball players to Tour de France winners who cheat (and not well enough to avoid being caught). Don’t look too long, but take a look at how people compete on television reality shows. What a bunch of lying, cheating, scheming and under-handed meanies these people are and how quickly will they trade their integrity for money!

Of course, it trickles down from the top. You can trick the Congress, the media, the people into a $10 trillion war and virtually no one will raise a hand to say that it’s wrong and we should stop. Instead of hunting them, or kicking them out, we need more Edward Snowden’s in our country.

Watching the government fund its own military boondoggle in the Middle East then relocating U.S. companies to Shell Governments in the region to avoid US taxes and oversight. Halliburton is the de facto government of any country it occupies because it has all the money. Now they can start a war anywhere they want without anyone’s permission. And don’t kid yourself: they kept the skeleton key to the National Security vaults, just in case. Now tell me – both Edward Snowden are outside of the United States. Which of the two do you think we should let back in?

The choice is clear. It shouldn’t be Obama-Care. I think all of us have done a great dis-service to the nation by calling it that. A PR ploy the conservatives won with and won big. It really is about the Affordable Care Act. The Provide Health Insurance of Some Kind to Everyone and Lower the Aggregate Cost of Providing Universal Coverage to Prevent Socio-Economic Discrimination From Screwing the Poor, Underprivileged and Unfortunate and The Prevent Doctors, Pharmaceuticals and Insurers from Leeching The Middle Class Act.

Good guys and bad guys: sometimes not so clear. But occasionally, we can see the glimmer of life in a situation through a person, a perspective, or our understanding of the truth and what we hope in our best hearts for the world to be.

Doesn’t matter who’s for what, when, where or why. Forget the transitive property of guilt or greatness by association. What I want for Christmas is everyone in this country to have a safety net to support him or her while they make an effort to live their lives productively and peacefully.

That’s the ideal Marathon Black Friday Deal: a country willing to be better to its citizens, including and especially the underprivileged and unfortunate among us. Trade a little bit of that power, and a tiny taste of all your shiny money Wealthy 10% and give us all a chance at the peace and prosperity our forefathers who you love to misquote tried so desperately to bequeath to all of us. Thirteen years of that and I promise you we’ll opt for 130 more. At least. Is that at all an option for you Libertarians and Fiscal Non-Taxarians? Does it appeal on any level? If so, let’s give it a shot. And I don’t mean guns. Seriously. No guns. Peace. Please?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Achieve Your Potential.

With great love, deep respect and the best intentions:

Your Pal,


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